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George Bozarth

In conjunction with the preparation of a book on Johannes Brahms and the eminent singer and conductor Sir George Henschel (1850-1934), George Bozarth is trying to locate the eighteen autograph letters and ten autograph postcards written by Brahms to Henschel, 1874-94, that were sold as a lot at auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson, and Hodge in 1919 and subsequently offered for sale individually in the catalogues of Maggs Brothers (London) during the 1920s and 1930s. Very few have turned up in libraries and auction/dealer catalogues. Also being sought are the letters that Henschel wrote to Col. Henry Lee Higginson, founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, during the period of March through November 1881. Anyone with information about these documents is requested to contact Professor George S. Bozarth, School of Music, University of Washington, Box 353450, Seattle, WA 98195 USA (brahms@u.washington.edu; phone and FAX: 206/284-0111).